If you haven't visited PORTABLE LEVITTOWN lately, you may want to do so. Our companion website, an online magazine, is a homage to the Trailerite culture of the mid-20th century. The site has just gone through some major upgrades and improvements.

* "The TenWide Arrives (or The Long, Long -& Much Wider- Trailer)". An all-new feature about the late 1954 debut of the 10-foot-wide mobile home.

*Everything But the Sink (actually, including that too)" delves into the mid-century mobile home kitchen; be it Center, Front, Crescent-shaped or Diagonal.

*"Vicki Loves In Trailer" commemorates the earliest depiction of a house trailer on the silver screen.

*Moreover, a new  "Trailers On TV" segment lists classic tv show episodes that use a vintage house trailer as a setting or plot device.

To visit PORTABLE LEVITTOWN, simply click on this link...