If you haven't visited PORTABLE LEVITTOWN lately, you may want to do so. Our companion website, which is a tribute to the futuristic, space-age house trailer of the '50s and '60s, has just gone through some major upgrades and improvements.

* 8 new (well...actually quite old) mobile homes have been added to the Gallery of Homes. The stunningly ultra-modern Spartan Carousel, surely one of the most space-age house trailers ever built, may now be found under the "1959 Models" Gallery of Homes link.

* A Directory of Homes has been compiled and posted, which lists the website's thirty-three vintage "house trailers".

*A new page, called Across the Pond, has been assembled and posted. It is an informative look into mobile homes, as they have evolved in the United Kingdom.

*Lastly, original artwork has replaced many "borrowed" images.

To visit PORTABLE LEVITTOWN, simply click on this link...