Trademarks of stores and services that were found in many a mid-century shopping mall. The focus then was to provide a wide array of merchandisers under one roof. Tenants ranged from the upmarket "anchor" department store, fashion boutique or menswear shop to the middle market 5 & 10 / variety store, pharmacy, grocery or cafeteria.

In this shot, and the two that follow,  we see typical mid-century shopping mall tenants. F.W. Woolworth junior-anchored several malls built in the 1950s, '60s and '70s, including this installation at Tampa's WEST SHORE PLAZA SHOPPING CITY.
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The Cherry Hill Grill was an adjunct of the F.W. Woolworth 5 & 10 at New Jersey's CHERRY HILL MALL. Cafeterias and snack bars were a mall fixture before food courts put them out of business in the 1980s.
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CHERRY HILL MALL included the Food Fair supermarket seen in the photo directly above. Unlike some "mall" supermarkets of the era, it had an entrance into the air-conditioned shopping concourse (some "mall" grocery stores would have only exterior enties, while others were freestanding structures). Supermarkets, in general, stopped being shopping mall tenants in the late 1960s.  
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