Arkansas-based WalMart Stores operated Hypermart USA, their original, 200,000+ square foot, brand of grocery and dry goods superstore, between 1987 and 1990. The prototype Hypermart USA was simply too large to maintain and navigate. The smaller SuperCenter format, introduced in Washington, Missouri in 1988, then became the company's standard superstore model.
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The WalMart SuperCenter averages 185,000 square feet. Today, the chain operates three thousand twenty-nine SuperCenter units in the United States. The store seen above, part of Bucks County, Pennsylvania's LEVITTOWN TOWN CENTER, opened for business in July 2009. It was among a group of stores that replaced the historic LEVITTOWN SHOP-A-RAMA, a circa-1953 open-air mall. WalMart has become rather notorious for tearing down "obsolete", mid-20th century shopping malls and erecting new SuperCenter stores on the former mall sites. These new locations are usually anchors for open-air strip plazas.
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*TOWER PLAZA, Phoenix, AZ (1958-1998)
*VALLEY WEST MALL, Glendale, AZ (1974-2002)
*LAKEHURST MALL, City of Waukegan, IL (1971-2003)
*RICHLAND MALL, Cambria County, PA (1974-2003)
*SOUTHTOWN MALL, Fort Wayne, IN (1969-2004)
*BLUE RIDGE MALL, Kansas City and Independence, MO (1958-2005)
*HARDING MALL, Nashville, TN (1966-2005)
*FLORIN MALL, Sacramento County, CA (1967-2006)
*EASTWOOD MALL, Birmingham, AL (1960-2006)
*COLUMBIA-AVONDALE MALL, Dekalb County, GA (1964-2007)
*LAKESIDE CENTER / MALL, Lakeside, CO (1956-2007)
*NORTHLINE SHOPPING CITY / MALL, Houston, TX (1974-2009)
*BROOOKDALE CENTER, Brooklyn Center, MN (1962-2011)

Our first present-day Shopping Mall Supermarket site plan depicts Phoenix, Arizona's CHRISTOWN SPECTRUM and its SuperCenter / Costco / SuperTarget layout. The original mall, what little that is now left of it, dates to 1961. Its WalMart originated in the 1990s as a conventional "Discount Store", but was expanded into a SuperCenter in 2003. Target's CHRISTOWN location is the mall's newest addition. It came inline in October 2007.