FOX RIVER MALL, in nearby Outagamie County, came on the Fox Cities scene in July 1984. Originally a regional-class complex (that would be expanded exponentially over the years), it provided more competition than the tiny VALLEY FAIR CENTER could withstand.
Photo from (General Growth Properties)

By 2006, a vacant and decaying VALLEY FAIR CENTER was awaiting its destiny date with a wrecking ball. The 1950s portion of the mall, seen here, was razed in August 2007. The long-vacant Krambo-Kroger had been demoloshed in the mid-1990s.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Royalbroil"

The Marcus Theatres multiplex, a late 1970s addition, was spared when the bulk of the mall was bulldozed. It was renovated with a new entrance and exterior paint job. In spite of this, it was shuttered in September of 2015.
Photo from Wikipedia / "1014cd"