Even before the IN-MALL type cinema had made its debut, there were plans in the air for an IN-MALL TWIN CINEMA prototype. But allow us to regress a bit...As far as can be determined, the earliest twin cinema in the nation, which was known as the Duplex Theatre, opened in Detroit, Michigan in 1915.

Zooming back the the early 1960s, it has been established that America's first Shopping Mall Twin Cinema was dedicated, in Peabody, Massachusetts, in May 1963. Known as Cinema I & II, it was built as an outparcel of the NORTHSHORE CENTER mall, which had been officially dedicated in 1958.

Cinema I and II was built a by Boston-based theater operator. Founded as Midwest Drive-Ins in 1938, it morphed into the General Drive-In Corporation in 1960 and General Cinema Corporation Theatres, Incorporated (or GCC) in 1964.

In July 1963, the nation's first IN-MALL twin theater showed its first feature (one movie in both auditoria). The Ward Parkway Twin, conceived and built by Kansas City, Missouri's American Multi-Cinema Corporation (AMC), was added to Kansas City's WARD PARKWAY CENTER mall, which had been completed in 1959.