Tennessee's big time discount mart was an offshoot of Nashville- based Kuhn's Brothers 5 & 10s. The first Kuhn's Big K store opened, in the Music City, on May 10, 1962.

With an average footprint of 40,000 to 75,000 square feet, Big K stores spread rapidly across the Southeast. The Edward's 5 and 10 chain, of Charleston, South, Carolina, was acquired in September 1977. This merger added thirty-one locations in South Carolina and two in Georgia, with the thirty-four stores being rebranded as Big-K-Edward's.

There were now one hundred and seventy-two Big K operations. Unfortunately, competition from Wal-Mart was cutting into the Big K customer base. By 1980, Big K was in trouble.

The "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" adage was taken to heart by the directors of the Kuhn's Big K Stores Corporation. In June 1981, a merger with Wal-Mart was worked out. Big K stores were rebranded by the Bentonville retailer during 1982.


*ASHLEY PLAZA, Charleston, SC (1978) [previously Edward's]
*CHARLES TOWNE SQUARE, North Charleston, SC (1978) [previously Edward's]