As a consequence of America's move to the suburbs, and resulting reduction of commerce in the inner city, Troy, Michigan's S.S. Kresge Company was left holding the leases of several declining downtown dime stores.

To make better use of its cumbersome real estate, the company created a new division called Jupiter in 1961. It would be a deep discount chain offering a limited selection of fast-moving merchandise, such as clothing, drugstore items and housewares.

The conversion of various Kresge stores to the Jupiter format was well underway by the summer of 1962, with thirty-eight stores inline. This number had grown to fifty-one by 1964 and one hundred and ten by 1966. These numbers had dwindled to eighty locations by 1979.

Wanting to focus solely on its rapidly-expanding Kmart division, the parent company sold off its seventy-six remaining Kresge and Jupiter stores, to McCrory Stores, in April 1987. In June, the McCrory company assumed their operation.