A panoramic view of the mall's Southeast Wing, with a vacant Dillard's on the left. This store was shuttered in 2003. Since then, it has housed a chain known as Blacklion as well as one called The Department Store. The building has been sitting vacant since the mid-2000s.
Photo from www.showcase.com

Barnes & Noble Booksellers dedicated their RICHLAND operation in late 1997. The TGI Fridays restaurant relocated from another space in the mall around this time. It was shuttered in March 2013.
Photo from www.colliers.com

Parisian anchored the mall's Northwest Wing between 1989 and 2007. An entity known as the South Carolina Science Academy considered leasing the building's second floor in mid-2013. Unfortunately for the mall, they decided on another location for their campus.
Photo from www.showcase.com

Since 1988, the official name of the shopping hub has changed four times. Above we see logos that show some of these incarnations. RICHLAND is a prime example of a mall whose failure can not be attributed to "changing neighborhood demographics". The complex was -and is- located in a very affluent part of Greater Columbia.
Graphic 1 from https://web.archive.org / http://richlandmallsc.com
Graphic 2 from Midtown at Forest Acres Flyer, 2005
Graphic 3 from http://www.richlandmallsc.com