William T. Dillard, founder of the chain that bears his name, had been operating retail stores since the late 1930s. Most of these were stand-alone operations, or entire chains, that Dillard acquired. The original names were retained. The first (quote-unquote) Dillard's opened, at Austin's HANCOCK CENTER mall, in February 1964.

Oklahoma's Brown-Dunkin chain had been purchased by Dillard in 1960. However, the original Brown-Dunkin nameplate was used for this store, which opened -at Tulsa's SOUTHLAND CENTER- in 1965.
Photo from the Beryl Ford Collection / Tulsa City-County Public Library

Likewise, Dillard's placed the Blass (Gus Blass Company) nameplate on this store at Little Rock's PARK PLAZA. The mall had been dedicated in 1960, with the store beginning business in 1965. Dillard had acquired the Joseph Pfeifer chain in 1963. It was merged with the Blass operation in 1967, creating the Pfeifer-Blass division. This store would operate under that nameplate for 7 years.

In 1974, all stores operating under the Mayer & Schmidt {Tyler, Texas}, Brown-Dunkin, and Pfeifer-Blass names were consolidated under the Dillard's heading. This store, which anchored Tulsa's WOODLAND HILLS MALL, was dedicated in 1976.