THE MALL in its final days. It had a destiny date with a wrecking ball in 2001. Here is another example of a high-end "Mid-Mod" structure that should NEVER have been allowed to be torn down. It might have been utilized as a museum or something...instead of being bulldozed and replaced with a (yawn) power center.
Photo from Evans Criswell

Today, the only remnant of Huntsville's THE MALL houses Books-A-Million and Planet Fitness (formerly a Toys "R" Us). The 80,000 square foot structure was originally built for a Loveman's of Alabama department store.
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As previously mentioned, THE MALL was done in by the flashy new MADISON SQUARE. However, as the old adage goes, what comes around goes around. THE MALL fell into decline and was bulldozed. After only 32 years, the same fate befell MADISON SQUARE. It was was shuttered and knocked down in early 2017.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Windyshadow32"