Huntsville, for years served by five mall-type shopping centers, is now down to only one; PARKWAY PLACE. The opening of MADISON SQUARE, in October 1984, most definitely put the hurt on the four previously-existing centers......especially THE MALL, which was too close for comfort to the new, superregional center just a hop, skip and a jump down University Drive.

However, what comes around goes around.....especially in the ever-changing world of retail. One of those new-fangled, open-air, lifestyle centers opened for business in Huntsville.

BRIDGE STREET TOWN CENTRE, located 3.5 miles west of the city center, held its grand opening in November 2007. There was a great deal of speculation over what this three hundred million dollar deal would do to the regional shopping scene.

PARKWAY PLACE, positioned as the area's upscale, high-fashion retail venue, has not been greatly affected by the new shopping venue in town. However, out of its ninety-nine inline store spaces, sixteen were vacant in early 2014.

In January 2017, the last remaining stores in MADISON SQUARE closed for good. The mall was demolished, except for its TouchStar Cinemas complex, and is being replaced by MID CITY HUNTSVILLE.

It's Rest In Pieces time for Hunstsville's MADISON SQUARE. After over 32 years in business The mall went bust in early 2017 and is being given a wrecking ball renovation.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Windyshadow32"