A contemporary aerial view of the former DUNNAVANT'S MALL, which now houses medical offices. The structure is the only vintage Huntsville shopping mall that is still standing.
Photo from Google Maps

South Memorial Parkway / US 231 & 431 and Governors Drive Southwest
Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville's second shopping mall was dedicated in 1965. DUNNAVANT'S MALL was built on a 9.1 acre plot, situated southeast of the HEART OF HUNTSVILLE site.

Originally an open-air facility, DUNNAVANT'S MALL encompassed approximately 84,900 leasable square feet and contained twelve stores and services. It was anchored by a 1-level (30,000 square foot), Huntsville-based Dunnavant's department store, which was the chain's first -and only- branch.

An enclosing renovation was completed in 1966. Later on, DUNNAVANTS MALL was expanded with a north store block, which increased its GLA to approximately 111,300 square feet.

The Dunnavant's chain was defunct by the mid-1980s. The Health Care Authority of the City Of Huntsville purchased the shopping venue in the late 1980s and repurposed it as the HUNTSVILLE HOSPITAL MEDICAL MALL.


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