Gazebo Court, at EASTFIELD MALL, which fronted on a Peerless Company store and included a bird aviary. There were three fountain court areas in the original complex.
Photo from http://www.rocketroberts/wilbraham (Joe's Wilbraham Photo History Tour)

A circa-'68 EASTFIELD plan. The six million dollar facility encompassed 656,000 leasable square feet and, when fully-leased, housed sixty-four stores and services. There were also accommodations for four thousand five hundred autos in the mall's parking area.

The single-screen Eastfield Cinema was reconfigured as the Eastfield 1 & 2 in 1976. The twin movie house was shuttered in 1985. This provided the impetus for a renovation of the mall. The vacant theater and adjacent area were gutted, extended and rebuilt into a Food Court. This remodeling project was completed in late 1986.

A late 20th century layout shows the orientation of the mall's new Showcase Eastfield Mall 16. This motion picture venue, which was dedicated in August 1999, increased the mall's gross leasable area to 824,000 square feet. The complex now housed around eighty-five stores and services under its roof.