Market Square

Chicagoland's MARKET SQUARE, in suburban Lake Forest, was completed in April 1917. It was the nation's first planned retail complex designed to accommodate shoppers arriving by automobile.
Photo from (Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Historical Society)

The original plan for the center, which was designed by Howard Van Doren Shaw. It was built for 750 thousand (1917) dollars and housed twenty-four stores, twelve offices and twenty-eight apartment units. There was approximately 64,000 square feet of retail space.
Original drawing from (Illinois Digital Architecture)

In May 1928, Chicago-based Marshall Field & Company opened its first suburban branch in Lake Forest. The store moved into this MARKET SQUARE building in March 1931. It was enlarged, taking in all of the first floor and basement, in August 1931. In May 1941, the second floor (which had housed a YWCA) was also acquired. All operations of Marshall Field's were rebranded by Macy's in September 2006. This MARKET SQUARE store was shuttered in January 2008.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Slo-Mo"

Country Club Plaza

The first structure built for Kansas City, Missouri's COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA was completed in March 1923. The complex, often heralded as the first car culture shopping center in the nation, is also cited for its innovation. It was laid out on a traditional city street grid, which made it a standard downtown district in a suburban setting.
Photo from State Historical Society of Missouri / J.C. Nichols Company Scrapbook

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