Above and below are two more current photos. Here, we have the Sears mallway entrance.  
Photo from http://www.urbanohio.com forum ("Ink")

Above, we see the main exterior entrance of Elder-Beerman.  
Photo from http://www.urbanohio.com forum ("Ink")

A drawing showing one of the plans proposed for a New Urbanism-type reinvention of TOWNE MALL. Several concepts toward this end were devised between 2006 and 2009. None were ever carried out.
Drawing from www.cblproperties.com (CBL & Associates Properties)

A second depiction of the mall's east anchor, which was rebranded as a Dillard's in June 1999. The store shut down in June 2008 and has recently been divided between two tenants. Burlington (Coat Factory) opened in March 2015. West Virginia's Gabe's (a discount emporium) dedicated their store in October of the same year.