Zooming forward in time over 30 years, we come to the SEMINOLE MALL of the 21st Century. Anchors and inline stores have changed considerably since the 1971 plan. The Woolco space was taken by Kmart in 1992. J. Byron's became a Bealls in 1999. Even with these -and other- new stores, the complex was in a downward spiral.

A circa-2007 photo of SEMINOLE MALL. This shows the Main Entrance, which was built as part of a 1991 remodeling. 
Photo from http://www.rmcpg.com

What ended up being the final logo used to promote the mall. At a late 2013 meeting of the Seminole City Council, the complex was officially designated a "blighted and contaminated site". A wrecking ball renovation was certain to follow...
Graphic from www.seminole-mall.com