A Woolco discount mart was the original east anchor of LAKE PARKER MALL. The store, dedicated in August 1971, also had a 7-year stint as a Sam's Club. This operation was shuttered in December 1994. The opposite end of the shopping complex was anchored by Montgomery Ward between 1971 and 1991.

A collection of trademarks for stores that operated at LAKE PARKER (a.k.a. LAKELAND) MALL. These span the years between 1968 and 1994.
Graphics from The Lakeland Ledger

A mid-1970s view of the center's carpeted mallway. A large Jean Nicole store is seen on the right. Off in the distance is an S.H. Kress 5 & 10. Even farther in the background, we can discern a Woolco nameplate.
Photo from www.floridamemory.com (State Library and Archives of Florida)