A snapshot of the mall's south central entryway. This section of the shopping hub went through a few alterations between 2012 and 2014. First off, a vacant cinema structure (the River Oaks 7 & 8) was surgically extracted from the mall. Then, its Professional Building office tower was demolished.
Photo from www.simon.com (Simon Property Group)

A nighttime aerial view of RIVER OAKS CENTER. That's the Sears store in the lower right, with the "Marshall-Macy's" in the upper left.
Photo from Wikipedia / "Vxia"

Gazing at a circa-2014 site plan, the outlook for Chi-Town's RIVER OAKS CENTER appears quite bleak. At last count, the mall had just two operational anchor stores (out of a total of four) and around one hundred and twenty-three inline stores.