A circa-2017 site plan shows renovations done over the past 3 years. These have added a new Saks, West Wing (indicated in gray) and "jewel box" retail building (in the northeast parking area). Being as how the GALLERIA III section no longer exists, one would surmise that the old "GALLERIA I", "II", "III" and "IV" designations might have been made obsolete.

A rendering showing the mallway entrance of the relocated Saks store.
Drawing from www.simon.com (Simon Property Group)

A rendering of the new store's exterior. The completed structure encom-
passes 2 levels and 198,000 square feet.
Drawing from Saks Fifth Avenue

A rendering of the reconfigured Marshall Field's / Saks structure, which has been repurposed as inline store and restaurant space.
Drawing from www.simon.com (Simon Property Group)