Saks Fifth Avenue was a charter tenant at SUNRISE CENTER. The original (circa-1954) store is seen here. A second Saks location was built in 1960...with a third being dedicated in 1980.
Photo from / "ElectroSpark"

Here we see an Upper Level store strip that houses Thom McAn Shoes, Grayson (presumably a ladies' wear store) and an F.W. Woolworth 5 & dime, among others. The Saks store above is seen in the distance.
Photo from / "Sylvian"

A view of the Lower Level terrace, with show windows of the center's House & Garden store in view.
Photo from Malls of America Blogspot

A circa-1975 nighttime shot of the open-air center. A large-scale redevelopment would get underway in 1978.
Photo from (State Library & Archives of Florida) / Roy Ericson