A vintage interior shot taken in the Penney's Court. The original mall was decked out in splendid late '60s style, as witnessed by the grandiose starburst chandelier hanging over this area.
Photo from http://www.pompanohistory.com/ (Pompano Beach Historical Society)

A straight-on view of the Penney's mall entrance. The starburst chandelier, and all other mid-mod accoutrements, were scrapped as part of a 1985 remodeling, when the shopping hub was redone in a Tropical Art Deco motif.
Photo from http://www.floridamemory.com/ / Roy Erickson

The Sears Court, at the northeast end of the complex. The artwork in the planter is a depiction of a pompano fish, namesake of the city and shopping center.
Photo from www.floridamemory.com / Roy Erickson

The entry of the mall's west anchor store. The apostrophe in the Burdine's trademark, still in use when the store opened in 1970, would be omitted with the adoption of a new logo (and store nameplate) in 1973.
Photo from www.floridamemory.com / Roy Erickson

The mallway entrance of Jordan Marsh, which occupied the southeast corner of the complex. It was the only single-level anchor store.
Photo from www.floridamemory.com / Roy Erickson