Usurped by bigger, better and newer shopping hubs in its trade area, MIDWAY MALL was in a downward spiral by the early '80s. It became an "offprice" shopping center in 1983. In 1987, the complex was given a large-scale renovation and renamed MALL OF THE AMERICAS.
Photo from "Ingeniero100"

A provisional site plan of the "new" MALL OF THE AMERICAS. With so little information available about the 1980s version of the shopping center, I was not able to determine the exact locations of stores such as Oshman's Super Sports USA, Linens 'n Things, Kay-Bee Toys or even T.J. Maxx. I believe that the location of L. Luria & Sons is correct.

Home Depot originally set up shop in the old Woolco building on the north end of the shopping center. The exact date of its opening is unknown...but the store was in operation by 1987. Here we see a new freestanding store built in 2002.
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