By the early 1980s, the official name of the complex had been changed to CHERRYVALE MALL. A  4-plex had also been installed in Lower Level space (it was operated in conjunction with the existing tri-screen venue). The shuttering of the Prange Way discount mart, in the late '80s, provided space for the creation of the Pavilion Food Court. On the west end of the mall, the standard Prange's department store was rebranded, by the Younkers chain, in 1992.

A fourth CHERRYVALE anchor had been on the drawing board for several years. This finally came to fruition in August 2004, when J.C. Penney opened a store at the mall. The single-level structure connected into the Upper Level.
Photo from "Dave 3441"

A circa-2004 rendering, showcasing a remodeled Southwest Entrance. This area was refurbished again when the lifestyle-like THE DISTRICT AT CHERRYVALE addition was built.
Drawing from (Herschman Architects)