H.C. Prange (a.k.a. Prange's) was the mall's third operational anchor. The store was dedicated in September 1974. A fourth CHERRYVALE anchor had been on the drawing board for several years. This finally came to fruition in August 2004, when J.C. Penney opened a store at the mall. The single-level structure connected into the Upper Level.
Photo from "Dave 3441

A circa-2004 rendering of the mall, showcasing a remodeled southwest entrance. This area was altered again when the lifestyle-like DISTRICT AT CHERRYVALE addition was built.
Photo from http://www.herschmanarchitects.com (Herschman Architects)

Barnes & Noble, a tenant in the DISTRICT AT CHERRYVALE, began business in November 2007. A portion of the store was installed in previously existing mall space, with an additional section of selling area being built.
Photo from www.cblproperties.com (CBL & Associates Properties)

A vista view of the mall's Center court.
Photo from www.cblproperties.com (CBL & Associates Properties)