This wooden sculpture was a centerpiece of the original mall's Center Court.
Photo from Peoria Public Library / Jennifer Ross 

The mirrored clock tower on the left was also an original Center Court fixture. Notice the sign pointing the way to the Picadilly Circle area.
Photo from Peoria Public Library / Jennifer Ross

The Carson's store at NORTHWOODS MALL was shuttered in 1983. It sat vacant until late 1985, when a St. Louis-based Famous-Barr opened in its space.
Photo from / "Prange Way" 

In a late 1990s site plan, the mall is essentially the same as in the circa-'75 layout, only a small addition has been built onto its east anchor. Two department store nameplates have also changed. Carson's morphed into the aforementioned Famous-Barr and Montgomery Ward has been superseded by Sears.