As a grand opening attraction, Dayton, Ohio's Richard "Dixie" Blandy attempted a world's record pole sitting. He was perched 50 feet above the parking lot for 18 days. Spectacles such as this were a common feature of mid-20th century shopping center dedications.
Graphic from The Milwaukee Journal

In a circa-1951 site plan, we see the original SOUTHGATE CENTER before anything was added to it. The strip complex encompassed 104,500 leasable square feet and housed twenty stores and services. Its parking area could accommodate 1,500 autos.


KRAMBO FOODS / S.S. KRESGE 5 & 10 (with luncheonette) / W.T. GRANT / WALGREEN DRUG (with luncheonette) / Badger Paint & Hardware / Bitker Gerner ladies' wear / Friedman's men's wear / G.R. Kinney Shoes / H.T. Grossman Carpeting / Joseph, Your Hair Stylist / Luber's Super Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Market / Mrs. Steven's Candies / Nu-Way Shoe Service / Ritz Hat Shop / Roderick's Card & Gift Shop / Royal Bakery / Samsons Home Appliances / Singer Sewing Center / Spic & Span Dry Cleaners / Three Sisters ladies' wear 

A circa-1952 view of SOUTHGATE CENTER. Looking southward, we see Samsons Home Appliances and the original Krambo Foods supermarket. In the background is a pylon announcing the W.T. Grant ("Grants") variety store. 
Photo (Retro Milwaukee)