Alaska's second shopping mall started with a 147,000 square foot, twenty-six store, first phase. It was developed under the auspices of Walter Joseph Hickel, who served as the state's governor between 1966-1969 and 1990-1994.


PAY 'N SAVE DRUG / SAFEWAY supermarket/ Alaska National Bank of the North / American Hairdressers / Anchorage House of Music / Bathique / Bering Sea Originals Gifts / Davey Jones Locker / Grizzly Burger / Hollie's Antiques / Key Island / Lin's Orientals / Lorene's / Michael's Jewelers of Eknai /  Physician's Optical / Queen Size Shop / Roberts Toys & Infant Wear / Stallone's Men's wear / Swensen's Ice Cream / Tape & Platter Music / The Shoo-Inn / Three Sisters Fabrics /  T.V. Sound Stage / University Center Barber Shop 

A second phase of stores (indicated in gray) was dedicated in April 1975. The addition included a Washington State-based Lamonts. UNIVERSITY CENTER now encompassed approximately 294,000 leasable square feet.