1978. Obviously, much has been added since 1962! J.C. Penney's newly-built store (on the south end of the mall proper) opened in January 1967. Bullock's and Buffums' had dedicated back of beyond, by decree of May Company, stores in 1965. Montgomery Ward (on the north end of the mall) was dedicated in March 1975. The center was enclosed and climate-controlled during 1977 and '78.

Bullock's LAKEWOOD location made its debut in April 1965. The 4-level store encompassed 250,000 square feet.
Drawing from  http://departmentstoremuseum.blogspot.com

The Buffums' chain opened thier LAKEWOOD operation in August 1965. The store encompassed 2 levels and 80,000 square feet.
Drawing from http://departmentstoremuseum.blogspot.com