The opulent Main Entrance, which faces toward the southeast. It was a component of the new millennium mall makeover.
Photo from (Simon Property Group)

Since the time of the first logo (approximately 1999), the mall has been promoted as simply SOUTHPARK. The trademark seen below it is a bit more current. Its design and typeface are identical to those used for the logos of every shopping mall currently in the Simon Property Group portfolio.
Graphics from (Simon Property Group)

The latest renovation of the SOUTHPARK property, which was completed in 2015, touched up some of its interior spaces. Here we see a rendering of the newly-refurbished Food Court...err, make that Dining Pavilion.
Drawing from (Simon Property Group)

We'll just call this one slumming @ SouthPark. The 2015 redo added luxurious soft seating to the central court area in the Southwest Wing.
Photo from (Simon Property Group)

Here we see some of the trendy retailers in the Southwest Wing's north-south shopping concourse.
Photo from (Simon Property Group)