The Moanalua Community Church was added to the mall site in 1958. It was joined by six freestanding fast-food restaurants, built between 1976 and 1983. There were also two filling stations, a convenience store, car wash and office building in the periphery of the mall. The original plan was to bulldoze this architecturally significant structure along with the mall. Fortunately, the church got listed on the Hawai'i Register of Historic Places in the nick of time.
Photo from Library of Congress / David Franzen

In the "You Can't Get There From Here" department, we present a map showing MOANALUA CENTER and its close proximity to three major Honolulu highways. Although these thoroughfares passed right by the mall, getting from them to it was quite a challenge. This lack of easy access contributed to the decline and demise of the original complex.

Which leads us into the next phase of MOANALUA CENTER. The Aloha State's first mall, which was determined eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places in mid-2003, never quite made it onto said Register. It was decided to raze the mall and build new structures. The new MOANALUA CENTER, depicted here, opened during 2006.
Drawing from the MacNaughton Group

A parting view of the "new & improved" MOANALUA. These trendy, if not a bit mundane, Post Modern structures received the Building Hawaii Award of Excellence in 2007. 
Photo from  (PCL Construction)