In a more recent photo, we see that a lot of the 1990s-vintage, Post-Modern bric-a-brac has been ripped down from the mall's exterior, leaving a more spartanly-appointed -and attractive- Main Entry.
Photo from Wikipedia / Mike Kalasnik

Above and below are interior views of the McALISTER SQUARE property. In its present state, the complex encompasses around 552,000 square feet.
Photo from / (Carolina Holdings)

Today, most of the mall is not devoted to retail. It houses several educational facilities, medical offices, traditional offices and a full-service restaurant.
Photo from / (Carolina Holdings)

A snapshot of the Convenience Center that was added to McALISTER SQUARE in 1970. Today, the mini-complex is known as McALISTER MARKETPLACE. Its name is possibly a homage to the former Winn-Dixie Marketplace grocery that was in operation here until 1993.
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