By the mid-20th century, Sears was working with three retail store formats. "Catalog & Appliance" locations were no larger than 24,000 square feet. They sold only home appliances, tools, lawn & garden equipment and bicycles. Naturally, there was also a catalog order department.

A somewhat larger full-line store encompassed between 25,000 and 99,000 square feet. These generally carried lines of apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, home furnishings, large and small appliances, electronics, floor coverings, hardware & paint. They also included a Catalog sales area and sometimes had a freestanding -or attached- Sears Auto Center.

Larger full-line Sears stores ranged from 100,000 to 373,000 square feet and featured expanded lines of the merchandise carried by a smaller full-line operation. These larger stores also had a coffee shop and always included a Sears Auto Center.


*SHOPPERS' WORLD, Framingham, MA (1951)
*LEVITTOWN SHOP-A-RAMA, Bucks County, PA (1955)
*EASTGATE CENTER, Marion County, IN (1957)