In the following MALL HALL OF FAME write-up, we'll explore five American malls; each built as a single entity, each later combined with a neighboring shopping center to form one mega mall. Written out as as equations, it all went like this...

1. King of Prussia Plaza + Court At King of Prussia = King of Prussia Mall
2. Valley Fair Center + Stevens Creek Plaza = Westfield Valley Fair
3. Del Amo Center + Del Amo Fashion Square = Del Amo Fashion Center
4. Scottsdale Fashion Square + Camelview Plaza = a much bigger Scottsdale Fashion Square
5. (Greece) Towne Mall + Long Ridge Mall = Mall At Greece Ridge (Center)

After reading through the section, some readers may wonder why Southern California's SOUTH COAST PLAZA is not featured. This mega mall -and the former CRYSTAL COURT next door- were merged, in a sense, by the outdoor "Bridge Of Gardens" walkway in the year 2000. Moreover, the CRYSTAL COURT moniker was officially retired then.

However, the two malls are not linked via an enclosed concourse. Hence, they are, in essence, two individual shopping complexes operated as one. The key words here are "connected via a fully-enclosed concourse".