A latter-day view of the Atrium at ZCMI CENTER, taken after a 1991 facelift renovation, but before the 2001 rebranding of the ZCMI store as a Meier & Frank.
Photo from www.labelscar.com / Jay

A view of CROSSROADS PLAZA, most likely taken in the late 1990s.
Photo from www.labelscar.com / Jay

A TRAX train heads south on South Main Street, after stopping at City Center station and ZCMI CENTER / CROSSROADS PLAZA. Revenue service began on Salt Lake's TRAX light rail system in December 1999. Today, the TRAX Blue and Green Lines operate through the City Center stop.
Photo from Wikipedia / "CoolHandLuke"

A year 2000 site plan of the two shopping hubs. By this time, they were being promoted as one entity; the DOWNTOWN MALLS.