In this October 1971 snapshot, the IDS CENTER tower is topped out, but would still be under construction for several months. Its first tenants would start moving in in early 1972.
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The fully-completed IDS CENTER extended skyward for 792 feet. Today, the 57-story structure is (reputedly) the tallest building in the Twin Cities, as well as in the North Star State.
Photo from Wikipedia / Jim Winstead, Junior

A circa-1973 CRYSTAL COURT layout. The multi-purpose atrium was comprised of 3 levels; these being the Concourse (or basement), Mall and Skyway floors. The Skyway Level connected with adjacent Dayton's and Donaldson's flagship stores.

CRYSTAL COURT encloses an 8-story space beneath a stunning array of plastic and glass skylights. The highest of these are suspended 121 feet in the air. 
Photo from Wikipedia / Payton Chung