Sunrise Boulevard and Greenback Lane
Sacramento County (Citrus Heights), California

The sixth suburban shopping mall in Sacramento County was officially dedicated April 19, 1972. Touted as the largest retail center in the region, the 1,156,300 square foot complex occupied a 96 acre tract, located 17.5 miles northeast of the California State House.

Developed by a joint venture of the James J. Cordano Company and Ernest W. Hahn, Incorporated, SUNRISE MALL was a single-level, fully-enclosed retail hub that eventually housed one hundred and three stores and services.

Its first operational tenant, a 3-level (160,000 square foot), Sacramento-based Weinstock's, opened for business February 16, 1972. A 2-level (200,300 square foot) J.C. Penney was dedicated, along with the mall, on April 19, 1972. Sears' 2-level (276,400 square foot) store welcomed its first shoppers August 17, 1972, proceeded by a 3-level (172,100 square foot), Honolulu-based Liberty House, which made its debut October 18.

Charter inline stores included Tinder Box Tobacconist, GNC, Spencer Gifts, Jarman Shoes, Lane Bryant ladies' wear, Double Up ladies' wear, The Fashion ladies' wear, The Gadget Tree, Hof's Brau Restaurant, Richman Brothers men's wear, Fabric Center and Waldenbooks.

A Lucky Stores supermarket and Weinstock's Tire Center were northeast outparcels of the mall proper. The United Artists Sunrise Mall 4, an in-mall multiplex, showed its first features in 1987.

Shopping hubs in the vicinity of SUNRISE MALL included COUNTRY CLUB CENTRE (1952) {7.5 miles southwest, in Sacramento County}, ARDEN FAIR CENTER (1961) {9.7 miles southwest, in Sacramento} and COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA (1961) {7.3 miles southwest, in Sacramento County}.

Only the ARDEN FAIR property presented any kind of rivalry. BIRDCAGE WALK, an open-air, congregation of shoppes added to an existing Montgomery Ward, was built across the boulevard from SUNRISE MALL. This complex opened for business in 1976.

BIRDGAGE WALK proved to be no match for the SUNRISE MALL, even after its renovation into MARKETPLACE AT BIRDCAGE in 2001. However, GALLERIA AT ROSEVILLE {6.6 miles north, in Roseville} had come on the scene in August 2000 and provided the SUNRISE complex with plenty of competition.

Anchor rebrandings started early at SUNRISE MALL. Liberty House was shuttered in the summer of 1984. Within a few months, the building became a Macy's Women's, operated in conjunction with a Macy's Men's store at BIRDCAGE WALK. With the demise of the Weinstock's chain in early 1996, the SUNRISE location became a Macy's Men's Store, resulting in the shuttering of the BIRDCAGE WALK store.

SUNRISE MALL became part of the newly-incorporated municipality of Citrus Heights on January 1, 1997. The center was given a 10 million dollar interior face lift in 1999, with new ceilings, skylights and fountains installed. A 9-bay Food Court opened, in gutted mall space, in 2007.

Newport Beach-based Steadfast Commercial Properties acquired the mall in January 2008. Soon after, they proposed a large-scale redevelopment. The project was to be conducted in two phases. The first would have removed 9,700 square feet of retail space and added 77,300. Ten freestanding banks and restaurants, within a new "Main Street" shops section, were to be built in the west parking area.

Phase two would have demolished a vacant Albertsons (nee' Lucky Stores) supermarket and replaced it with a new cinema multiplex. A multilevel parking garage was also proposed. Years passed and no construction ever started. The shopping hub was sold, to the New York City-based Spinoso Real Estate Group, in November 2015.

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