New York City's, 9.1 route mile -privately-owned- IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) line started revenue service on October 27, 1904. Its original guideway is indicated in black on the map above. The system was extended to The Bronx and Brooklyn in 1905 and reached Queens in 1915. The Borough of Richmond (Staten Island) was never connected -via subway- with the four other boroughs.

The boroughs of Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens were eventually served by three separate subway systems. The privately-owned BRT (Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company) commenced operations in August 1913. It eventually became known as the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation). The City-owned IND (Independent System) started revenue service in September 1932.

All companies were consolidated under a single management in June 1940, with the unified system known henceforth as the New York City Subway. Today, it is the world's second-largest rail rapid transit network, with 229 route miles and 468 stations. The top contender, the London England Underground, stretches for 250 route miles, with 268 stations.

Greater New York City's first suburban-style shopping mall, Westchester County's CROSS COUNTY CENTER, was dedicated in April 1954. This was joined by Long Island's first mall, ROOSEVELT FIELD CENTER, in August 1956. New Jersey's first shopping mall, GARDEN STATE PLAZA, came along in May 1957.

The first regional-class, suburban-style mall within the corporate limits of New York City was built in the Borough of Brooklyn. Known as KINGS PLAZA, it was completed in September 1970. Next in line was STATEN ISLAND MALL, in the Borough of Richmond, which made its debut in August 1973. The third of New York City's regional malls, QUEENS CENTER, opened for business in September of the same year.

There were also many office tower shopping gallery-type malls within the confines of Manhattan; the most noteworthy being the 427,000 square foot MALL AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER (1973-2001). This complex was replaced by WESTFIELD WORLD TRADE CENTER in August 2016. In addition to this, there are MANHATTAN MALL (1989) and TIME WARNER CENTER (2003).

For this MALL HALL OF FAME section, we are covering the three suburban-type shopping malls within New York City. We begin with the first one...