COUNTRY CLUB CENTRE, northeast of the city proper, was originally a strip-type shopping complex. It  became the area's first open-air mall after an expansion was completed in 1960. Four mall-type centers had been developed in -and around- Sacramento by late 1961.

The interior mall craze came to town in early 1968, with three of the region's open-air shopping centers having been roofed-in by the early 1970s. Only two of these complexes still operate with covered mallways.

SOUTHGATE CENTER / PLAZA, experienced one of the first demallings in the nation (done between 1984 and 1986). COUNTRY CLUB CENTRE was demalled in 1991-1992.

The city's first fully-enclosed and climate-controlled retail complex, FLORIN CENTER / MALL, endured 2 decades of decline before being given a wrecking ball renovation in the summer of 2006. It has been redeveloped as an open-air "towne centre".