The gigantic NORTHLAND Famous-Barr was the St. Louis chain's third suburban branch. It encompassed 4 levels and 337,000 square feet.
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A circa-1957 NORTHLAND CENTER layout. Its North Mall and South Mall store blocks extend from two sides of Famous-Barr. Open-air storefronts along the east side of the complex are accessed from an upper parking level. Those along the west facade open onto lower level parking.

A vintage view of upper level storefronts along the South Mall. The store in the middle, Sonnenfeld's, was a popular St. Louis retailer who sold women's, children's and teen's apparel. Their NORTHLAND operation was one of two 2-level stores in the complex (an S.S. Kresge 5 & dime being the other).
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Here we see the lower level of storefronts, which face onto the west parking area. Nameplates going from right-to-left include Staten Island Cleaners, Brod-Dugan Paints & Wallpaper (the original in-mall store), Richman's and Sonnenfeld's (the store's lower sales floor).
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In our final vintage view, we have a vista of the shopping center's entire lower level. This extends from Pope's Cafeteria (on the left), all the way over to Staten Island Cleaners (on the right). 
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