Tampa's WEST SHORE PLAZA SHOPPING CITY, the first fully-enclosed shopping mall in the Bay Area, was dedicated in 1967. The second and third interior malls in the region, GATEWAY MALL and SUNSHINE MALL, opened during 1968.

These were located in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, respectively, and will now be considered the first and second of Clearwater-St. Pete's LOST MALLS. In order of their completion, these five "Lost" shopping centers are...

*GATEWAY MALL [1968-1998]
*SUNSHINE MALL [1968-1998]
*SEMINOLE MALL [1970-2015]
*CLEARWATER MALL [1973-2002]
*PINELLAS SQUARE [1977-2004]

As one can see, the GATEWAY and SUNSHINE MALLS, which opened in 1968, both had their destiny dates with a wrecking ball during 1998. GATEWAY, SEMINOLE, CLEARWATER and PINELLAS SQUARE were replaced by open-air power centers. The SUNSHINE site was redeveloped as a residential complex.